Papadum–Lentil cracker.
Vegetable Samosa –Savory pastry with potatoes and vegetables fillings.
Onion Bhaji–A deep fried fritter patty made with onion and gram flour.
Vegetable Pakora —-A deep fried fritter made with mixed vegetables and gram flour
Palak Pakora — Fritters, made with Spinach and gram flour (a big plus for gluten-free eaters!)


Madras Soup–Coconut tomato soup with a dash of Indian spices.
Lentil Soup –A curry and pepper flavored lentil soup.
Tomato Soup –A curry tomatoes with a dish of Indian spices.
Vegetable Manchow Soup–A curry base soup with vegetable.


Vegetable Coconut Curry — Mix vegetable cooked with coconut spiced curry.
Baigan Bhartha –Puree of baked eggplant sautéed with onion, garden peas, and tomatoes.
Mushroom Do Piyaza –Our special curry cooked with seasoned mushrooms, pepper, onion and tomatoes.
Balti Dal Tarka –Combination of lentils cooked with tartar and garnish with red peppers and ginger.
Yellow Dal –Channa cooked with Indian spices.
Chana Masala –Beans cooked with Indian spices.
Aloo Gobi — Fresh cauliflower and potatoes sauteed with ginger.
Aloo Mattar –Potatoes and peas cooked with Indian curry.
Poori Aloo –Deep fried bread with potato curry.

Rice Combination

Vegetable Biryani –Long-grained Basmati rice flavored with exotic spices such as saffron is layered with vegetables cooked in a thick gravy on a low flame.


Tandoori Roti –Traditional whole wheat bread
Garlic Roti –Soft bread garnish with garlic.
Onion Roti –Leavened bread with delicious stuffing of onions and herbs.
Kabuli Roti –Stuffed with coconut and cherries.
Potato Roti –With stuffed of potatoes, green peas and spices.
Chili Roti –Stuffed with chopped chili tempered with herbs and spices.
Pudina Roti –Stuffed with mine tempered with herb and spiced.
Missi Roti –Traditional whole wheat bread soft with onion and spices.
Gobi Paratha –Stuffed with cauliflower tempered with herbs and spices
Poori –2 pcs of whole wheat puffed bread deep fried.


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